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advanced personal trainer courseNot all personal trainers are created equal. Our advanced PT course will give you the edge in this competitive industry.

Develop a thorough working knowledge of a range of valuable, ‘on-trend’ areas that will allow you to deliver a higher standard of training and support to your clients. The course is designed to build upon the skills and experience gained in the Personal Trainer qualification, allowing you to more effectively recruit new clients and then meet their needs through advanced screening systems, behaviour change techniques and training methods.




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We cover all the areas which PTs have said are most beneficial to them in building a strong client base:


This extremely popular method of training is guaranteed to help your clients get results fast. Learn how to coach technically challenging exercises properly and set yourself apart from the competition.

Marketing & Sales

Being a great PT doesn’t necessarily make you a great salesperson. The practical advice and techniques delivered in this course will help you to define your personal brand and convert enquiries to clients more effectively.

Functional Training & Conditioning

Learn a range of exciting, dynamic exercises and programing techniques that can be used with 1:1 client and small groups. This unit will enable you to deliver effective and engaging sessions that can be delivered inside or outside the gym.

Posture & Movement Analysis

A client’s posture and movement can have a huge impact on their overall wellbeing, as well as their ability to train. Learning how to assess a client and implement a corrective strategy can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of their programme.

Lifestyle & Behaviour Change

Identifying those elements of a client's lifestyle that need to be addressed is relatively simple. Getting them to make a change, and sustain this in the long term is far more challenging. This unit will provide you with the tools you need to make meaningful changes to your clients' lifestyles.

The course content is unique to Sideways 8 and has been developed based upon latest industry developments and feedback from PT’s currently working in the field. The course is recognised by REPs and carries 25 CPD points.
The course will be delivered at Performance Fitness Gym (Eastbourne) one day per week over eight weeks, alternating between a Thursday (9am-4pm) and Friday (10.30am-5.30pm).


Learners will be encouraged to take a case study approach, identifying a client to work with prior to the course and then applying the concepts covered to that client over the eight weeks.


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